California BSIS Bundle

All 40 hour Requirements, 9 courses:

Includes the California Guard Card Certification!

If you employer or security agency requires you to show them proof of completing the ELECTIVE compliance 40 hour training, this is the right PACKAGE/BUNDLE for you!

Courses Included with Purchase

BSIS California Guard Card License
Become a Licensed Security Guard... on your spare time!
Mr. Martin
2 payments of $50/month
Chemical Agents: Pepper Spray
How to Effectively Deploy Pepper Spray
Mr. Martin
Patrolling Techniques
How to properly "Walk the Beat"!
Mr. Martin
Crime Scene Investigation - Evidence Procedures
Everything you need to know to Preserve Evidence and a Crime Scene
Mr. Martin
Report Writing for Security Officers
Nothing makes you stand out more as a Security Officer like a Well Written Report!
Mr. Martin
Communications for Security Officer
Everything you need to know about Radio Procedures
Mr. Martin
Arrest, Searches, and Seizures
When to Arrest or Detain?
Mr. Martin
Criminal Law for Security Officers
What are Criminal Laws?
Mr. Martin
Customer Service for Security Officers
Its all about Community Policing
Mr. Martin

Original Price: $250

Your Instructor

Mr. Martin
Mr. Martin

Semper Fi ladies and gents! I'm Mr. Martin and I'm Passionate about helping other public safety professionals grow in the security and criminal justice field! I have developed online programs to help you get started in security, get you promoted, raises, and expand your knowledge and document your growth for added levels of responsibilities. Programs such as Officer Safety, Use of Force, Evidence, Crime Scenes, Active Shooter, Patrolling Techniques, Report Writing, and many more! I love sharing all my experiences I've learned in my extensive experience to get you working, certified, and ready for the criminal justice field!

I have Over 25 years of experience in the criminal justice field. I'm a former Staff Sargent, U.S Marine (Infantry and Embassy Duty) and Police Officer. Extensive experience in security and law enforcement serving as a US Marine in American Diplomatic Embassies and Consulates around the world! I'm a proud graduate of one of the most difficult special schools and duties in the U.S Military, U.S Marine Security Guard School/Embassy Duty (MSG)! I'm was also the HONOR Graduate and Leadership Award in the Advanced School of Infantry, (Squad Leaders Course). I also completed the Police Academy and Advanced Patrol Officers Course.

I ran a Criminal Justice Program for a private college and helped hundreds of individuals to get into Law Enforcement, Security, Corrections, and other public safety careers..

I was a former police officer and have real world street experience. I loved going out on patrol every day, making arrest, doing vehicle stops, investigations, drug testing, and perfecting my officer safety tactics and techniques.

I hold many certifications and advanced training in security, criminal justice, and law enforcement. I'm a Certified Law Enforcement Pistol and Shotgun Instructor, Handcuffing Instructor, Defensive Tactics Instructor, Conceal Weapons Instructor, and State of California Licensed Security Officer Instructor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the California Guard Card course part of this Package/Bundle?
Obsoletely! This package includes the California Guard Card BSIS license certificate!
Is this an approved course from the state (BSIS)?
Yes! We are a Bureau of Security & Investigative Services (BSIS) security guard training facility. Our State facility license is TFF 1303.
When will I receive my Guard Card and other courses certificates of completion?
Instantly! You will receive the Certificates of Completion as soon as you complete a program! A certificate will be emailed instantly and you can always retrieve a copy on your training platform 24/7.

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